Introducing Eva

An elegant, simple, affordable robot arm built for professionals: in a lab, in the classroom, or on a production line. For just £4,990.

Be amongst the first to receive one when shipping begins in June 2018 by reserving one now for a deposit of £250.


15min to setup


Just 8kg


No fences needed


Anytime anywhere control

Key Features

Choreograph: robotics software, meet simplicity

Run online on any device with a browser, no tethers or pendants required. Anywhere, anytime control, monitoring and diagnostics. Controllable through APIs, compatible with ROS

Easy, intuitive programming

Using the buttons on Eva, simply hand-guide it through a task and it just repeats. Readymade widgets for most common tasks.

21st century connectivity

Comes with WiFi and USB as standard, and also supports the standard industry protocols: Ethernet, RS232, digital/analogue IO.

Quick to install

Lightweight design with the controller embedded in the base weighs just 8kg. Just clamp it down to most work tops and it’s ready.

Technical Specifications


Degrees of Freedom: 6
Repeatability: ± 0.5mm
Payload: 1.25kg
Maximum reach: 600mm
Standard installation position: Upright
Weight: 8kg
Joint velocity limits: 120° per second


2X: Isolated Analog Inputs
2X: Isolated Analog Outputs
4X: Isolated Digital Inputs
4X: Isolated Digital Outputs
2X: Isolated, redundant safety inputs
1X: Gigabit Ethernet
1X: WIFI Interface
2X: USB 2.0 Type A
1X: Isolated CAN bus interface
1X: Isolated RS232 serial interface

Joint position limits

A1: ± 179°
A2: -155°/58°
A3: -157°/50°
A4: ± 179°
A5: -179°/14°
A6: ± 179°


Platform: Via browser on regular devices
Programming: Visual & API
Deployment / Repository: Local or Cloud
Standard installation position: Upright